foot going onto a bathroom scale that determines your happiness or depression

For many women, obsession about “their looks” can be fanatical. Self-esteem for women is much more associated with their weight and body image than for men.

Multiple trips, during the week, or even a day can be spent checking a number on the bathroom scale. And a fluctuation either way can result in happiness or depression.

Many women like this are constantly judging themselves in comparison to others. “Do I look fat in this?” Are you always wanting or needing validation from others? It’s needy, and gets to be very tiresome for others who don’t understand your obsession with body image. It speaks about your personal fragility, a lack of self esteem.

I know about these things. I was obsessed with my weight. I was either “good or bad” based upon what I didn’t eat. I was a “good person” based upon my strict discipline and adherence to a diet that always made me focused on every morsel that went into my mouth, and the amount of exercise that I would do to burn off the food that I DID eat. I’d be thinking my next meal while eating this one.

My focus on my weight, even when I was thin, and the body parts that were too big, or too small. My nose was too big, my butt – well, not’s even go there! I just didn’t look right, and I thought that I could change it with dieting.

All that deprivation, exercise and missed enjoyable food. You’d think I’d be pencil thin. I even went on a medically supervised 7 day fast, where I didn’t lose any weight. That was when I was about 132 pounds on a 5’6 athletic frame. The doctor that allowed me to do that should have been sued for medical malpractice! After I assured him that I didn’t “cheat” on the diet and still didn’t lose weight, he told me to go home, and be happy I wasn’t “morbidly obese”. He said I would “NEVER lose weight”.

But that didn’t even stop me. I spent thousands of dollars, went from diet to diet, supplements, special foods, exercise plans. What happened? I dieted myself into overweight. Blaming my body, convinced that something was “the matter with me” because I SHOULD have lost weight (according to all the diet industry that tells you to eat less and exercise more).

You can be any age, and obsessed with your weight. The problem is not with your weight; it’s in your mind. It’s about self-forgetting: you need to learn that you are so much more than what your body looks like. You have a purpose, and a unique gift that you are meant to share with others. When you are focused on that gift, you are happy, healthy and a good body weight – and you are not obsessed with your body! Your self esteem grows, and you realize life is not about what you look like – because that always changes. Your heart is a constant, even as you get older and your body ages and changes.

The things you resist persist

As long as you focus on losing weight, depriving yourself, blaming your body, being ashamed of what you look like, your weight issues will continue. If you are obsessed with your body image and weight, you probably won’t even want to hear this. But you MUST stop dieting. You MUST stop focusing on food, and start focusing on ways to love, and accept your body RIGHT NOW.

The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction and Brain Science are in agreement with regard to your negative focus on your body image. The habitual thoughts you have create neural networks that affect your physiology, and will prevent your body from “feeling safe”. Your body is responding to that lack of safety as stress. And when you are stressed, it will hold onto that fat, and you will be stuck overweight and unhappy.

There are many approaches to healing your relationship with your body. EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique is a very effective tool, as are other Energy Psychology and other approaches. But the first step is accepting that you WILL NO LONGER berate yourself, no matter how overweight you are. Give up your self obsession and start living!


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