relax off those pounds by lowering cortisol, the stress hormone

relax off weight by lowering cortisol, the stress hormone

You want to lose weight, and have been told a million times that eating less and exercising more is the only way to do it. And you believe it, because it’s something that “everyone knows”.  The only problem is, it’s NOT TRUE! There is so much evidence, but the Diet Industry wants you as a returning customer, so THEY are not going to share that with you. Make sure you get my free report, so you can read the evidence yourself!

It has long been my belief that the Missing X Factor in weight gain is stress. Doctors tell you to do stress relief, but they don’t explain why this is so important for your weight and health. Chronic stress changes your metabolism which leads to weight gain – especially in the form of belly fat.

Although Diet/Exercise/Medical professionals may tell you to exercise to lose weight, in actuality, exercise does not lead to weight loss. In fact, the type of exercise that many do for this purpose can CAUSE further stress to the body. And what happens when you over-exercise? You get hungry! It’s a natural response from the body attempting to maintain a weight set point.

A recent study actually proves my point. Two types of exercise were compared to see which worked better for weight loss. The first type was Restorative yoga. It is a stress relieving practice where you stay in a restful position, propped with blankets, bolsters, blocks, or whatever is necessary to take any tension from the body.  In fact, it’s almost difficult to describe this as exercise; it’s more a meditative relaxation. In over the course of a year, in contrast to the other exercise, women subjects that did restorative yoga lost twice as much weight – and MAINTAINED the weight loss. In contrast, the other exercise subjects lost weight, but then gained it back.

The study’s author believes that the difference was due to yoga reducing the level of cortisol which rises during times of stress. You see, diet gurus tell you to eat less and exercise more- and all you have to do is relieve your stress; and you will be healthier and may lose a few pounds unintentionally!

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Make-It-So-Signature Have you be able to maintain weight loss with any exercise that you’ve done?  Please comment below!

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