Doctors Cause Eating Disorders

Doctors Ignore Illness and Blame Your Weight

You have a rash on your arm and decide to see your doctor. But your doctor ignores your symptoms and blames you illness on your weight. "You need to lose weight" is his or her response to you. This is a typical interaction with a medical doctor. 

A comic about how doctors ignore symptoms and blame weight for illnesses

Get Weighed In Unnecessarily

When you visit your doctor's office the first thing their medical assistant does is to take your weight. But WHY do they need to track your weight? They don't, and neither do you. All that weighing in does is make you embarrassed and stresses you out thinking that you may be gaining weight. 

Many doctors won't even answer questions you have about the medical condition you are there to discuss.

You Need To Lose Weight

Doctors routinely focus on weighing patients and telling them they need to lose weight. These physicians are a huge source of brainwashing when they focus on weighing patients and tell them they need to lose weight. It seems that doctors have not kept up with the latest medical information. They are still telling heavier people with higher BMIs (which are useless) that their weight makes them vulnerable to other illnesses and disorders, such as Diabetes Type 2, heart disease, and more. But it turns out that these issues, although correlated (they may appear together), are not necessarily caused by having a higher body weight. That's like saying that eating ice cream causes death by drowning!  It can be the illness that has caused additional weight gain rather than the other way around! 

Biased Researchers Blame Weight

Researchers are just as biased as doctors. Instead of focusing on actual causes, they ignore obvious answers and blame a subject's weight for any issue they are studying. Even governmental investigators whose research finds there is no relationship between body weight and illnesses say to ignore the findings! Their prejudices against body fat have made them blind to what is obvious. FAT is NOT AN ILLNESS and doesn't create sickness. Prejudice and weight stigma that causes STRESS are the problem! 

BMI thyroid and illness  is ignored by doctors and problems are blamed on weight and overeating

Everything You've Been Told About Weight May Be Wrong

Doctors, researchers and the diet industry have been giving you wrong information! The facts about weight from worldwide research do NOT substantiate claims that being heavier is the cause of early death or other illness. But it could very well be that being stigmatized, criticized, and being subject to stress-inducing behavior by the thin privileged world is the actual cause for these illnesses. It is well-known that stress exacerbates any illness!

calipers measuring BMI on a woman's belly fat

Doctors are the Cause of Eating Disorders

When your doctor constantly focuses on your weight and scares you to believe that being a higher BMI or weight is going to make you sick it can push you towards disordered eating. DE is being constantly focused on what and how much you are eating. With enough emphasis on your weight, your doctor can create the deadly mental condition of an eating disorder

Doctors Cause Eating Disorders

When I searched google for articles about how doctors caused eating disorders there was ZERO results! That is CRAZY! But there were many articles about how doctors do not focus on helping people (generally young women) resolve problems with eating disorders. These overly thin patients will see their doctor and their underweight condition is virtually ignored! Eating disorders are DEADLY! 

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No articles on how DOCTORS cause Eating Disorders?

No Cure for Overweight

WHY would doctors tell their patients that they need to lose weight when there is NO diet, exercise, lifestyle change or anything else that has been shown to be effective for permanent weight loss for more than 2-5% of the population!?

AND, in fact, dieting and weight cycling (going up and down in losing, regaining weight) is more damaging for the body than maintaining your weight and getting exercise! Essentially doctors are creating disordered and eating disorders in their patients by encouraging them to lose weight!

image of how a woman goes up in weight from dieting

So, WHY are we giving doctors an out when in fact they are a major cause of weight gain by telling people they need to lose weight?

Perhaps the only way to change doctors is to CHALLENGE them! Go to your appointment armed with articles like the one below. Learn how to speak up to your doctor. And if that's hard for you bring a printed article to them! It's time that we put the blame where it belongs!  Doctors, who we trust to help us to protect our health but end up giving us the "cure for fat" that is one of the major causes of gaining weight: Dieting! 

You must learn the facts and become your own advocate. Keep reading on this site to empower yourself with the latest myth-busting information. Click here so you won't miss any upcoming articles, and follow my Facebook page to keep informed.  

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