Everything You Believe About Fatness is WRONG!

Doctors and the Diet Industry LIE

You fell for the lie. You believe that eating too much and not exercising enough is what made you gain weight. You are probably WRONG! Take this quiz to discover the reason that you are your present weight. 

You've been brainwashed and gaslighted by the Medical and diet industry. Everything they have told you about your BMI and the dangers of being "overweight" is wrong! No wonder the diet industry tells you lies to encourage dieting when they make over $80 BILLION a year. They're like used car salesmen! Doctors routinely focus on weighing patients and telling them they need to lose weight. But all that does is encourage eating disorders and disordered eating. 

Even if being fat was bad for your health, WHY would doctors tell you that you need to lose weight when there is NO diet, exercise, lifestyle change or anything else that has been proven to be effective on more than 2-5% of the population!? And worse, for the vast majority of people who do diet, they regain more weight than the lost, thus making you heavier than before you started your diet!

The cure for being overweight that causes you to gain MORE weight is DIETING

Dieting Causes Stress Eating and Weight Gain!

So many people write and ask how to stop stress eating. Stress eating can cause you to gain additional weight. Here's the answer: DIETING is the cause of stress eating and weight gain. The only people who stress eat routinely are dieting or restricting the amount of food, or some particular foods they describe as "bad". That's generally carbs or sugar. And that is yet another lie from the Diet Industry. You need a well-balanced diet to get a variety of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber. 


Yo-Yo Dieting

Dieting and weight cycling (going up and down in losing, regaining weight) is more damaging for the body than maintaining your weight and getting exercise! When you cut the amount of food you eat, your body suspects you are starving and automatically slows down your metabolism. You think you are "plateauing" and your doctor will tell you to eat even less and exercise more. That is actually damaging your metabolism. This effect is totally out of your control, and there's no way to "cure it". 

Doctors Cause Weight Gain

WHY are we giving doctors an out when in fact they are a major cause of weight gain by telling people they need to lose weight? In fact, doctors ignore your actual health conditions and just tell you to lose weight! You have a rash? They tell you to go on a diet! 

Perhaps the only way to change doctors is to CHALLENGE them! Go to your appointment armed with articles to educate your doctor. Just say "NO!!!" to dieting and even to getting weighed in.  It's time that we put the blame where it belongs: on those who we trust to help us to protect our health but end up giving us the "cure for fat" that is one of the major causes of gaining weight: Dieting!

Smash your scale course logo of woman hammering her scale

Learn The Truth 

I've designed this course, SMASH YOUR SCALE, to empower you with the facts so you can free yourself from dieting forever. Once you understand that the media and diet industry lies have contributed to your weight issues you can start living a happier life! 

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