Are you chained to a scale?

Are you chained to a scale in Diet Prison?

Did some diet coach tell you that you don’t need to be on a diet: but you need to make a lifestyle change? I’m really tired of the “framing” of words that are essentially telling you that you need to avoid the food you enjoy, eat less, and exercise more FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! That’s the equivalent of being in Diet Prison!

Why doesn’t my thin friend Yolanda have to live in a “lifestyle change” where she pushes aside the desserts, garlic bread, pizza and chocolate and ice-cream?

That is the big question isn’t it? Why do some people just eat, and not get overweight, and others feel like if you just look at food, you gain weight?

These are legitimate questions that the Diet Industry doesn’t want to answer. They just want you to eat their diet food, diet supplements, diet plans and exercise plans to lose weight. The fact is, these are only temporary measures that will sabotage your ability to lose weight and keep it off permanently. That’s the real success of a diet: not the original weight you lose, but the ability to maintain weight loss.

“Eat less and exercise more” has become the common knowledge that is accepted by the public. It’s been the excuse that thin people use to berate, and shame overweight people; to make them feel like it’s THEIR fault that they gained weight, and can’t lose it. That overweight people are psychologically flawed, lazy and somehow inferior to those people who are thin.

This mantra: “eat less and exercise more” is a LIE. There is absolutely no scientific information that supports it; and furthermore, there is plenty of scientific research that shows dieting and extreme exercise will actually slow down your metabolism, put your body into stress, and make dieting to lose weight a losing proposition.

That’s what I’m writing about in my new book: Diet Industry Lies that Make You Gain Weight. In it you will learn that you’ve been “myth-led” by the diet industry that makes $60 billion profit on selling diet books, diet magazines, and anything related to dieting. But once you learn what I’m explaining in my book, you will never fall for another diet fad again.

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