New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year: Today is the day that we humans have decided is the end of one year and the beginning of another. (But doesn’t it seem like any other potential day?)

This is the time of year that many people decide to change themselves. Out with the old, and in with the new. And for so many, the change is about weight. This is the biggest time of year for people to purchase gym memberships, and start a diet.

Of course, if you’ve been on this site, you KNOW that I’m going to tell you NOT to start a diet, or begin any extreme course in exercise. Because dieting and exercise do not work to change your body in a permanent way, and actually add to the problem!

But there is one gift that you can give yourself for the New Year: Acceptance. Change rarely comes from negativity and winning a battle. So many people are at war with their body. And as in actual war, the event is painful, and in most cases temporary.

The only way to permanently defeat an enemy is to make him/her your friend.  Make peace with your body. That’s the same way that you can achieve any goal in your life. Changing your body cannot be achieved by forcing, calling yourself names, pushing through, or deprivation. But you can encourage yourself with self-compassion, and gentle forward motion.

Weight loss will not be achieved by restrictions and forced exercise, because weight gain is not created by willful over-eating (unless you are an actor trying to gain weight for a role). Over-eating is most often the result of mindlessly swallowing more food that your body wants – because you are multi-tasking, dealing with stress by eating comfort food, or suffering from actual stress in your life. And there are those of you who have for so long restricted your eating, that your body is stressed out and doing everything it can to hold onto weight rather than have you starve.

So, what’s the answer? After all, if this New Year Resolution is going to be your new push to lose weight, I hope I can help you transform your method so that you actually have chance to be your happy weight. And here’s a hint about how: It’s from nurturing yourself and stress relief.

My year is starting off with my new book that will be available on Amazon shortly! It’s going to be just in time to show you how to  “Escape From Diet Prison: The Key to Ending the A Losing Battle Forever.”

Please share your New Year’s Resolution to be good to yourself below. May this be your best year yet!



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