On Thanksgiving, I hope you will be mindfully enjoying your holiday feast. This is the perfect opportunity to use the the practice of mindful eating to nurture yourself. Holidays with friends and relatives feed not just your body, but your soul as well.

I think of so many women, who unfortunately, will be dieting today instead of listening to their inner wisdom from their body to inform them what to eat, how to enjoy it, and to know when they’ve had enough.

When you finally realize that dieting doesn’t work, I think it will be the holidays, and special events that you think back upon; and wonder why you kept themselves locked in a self made prison for so long. Mindful eating is the key to unlock those bars and break out of diet prison forever!
Eating and mindfulness go so well together- because it’s a built in time to join both practices and use eating as enjoyable, nurturing stress relief.
Happy Thanksgiving- and Chanukkah


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