Women who has just binged on  sweets and carbs - and from stress

How to Stop Binging and Emotional Eating

Binging, and over-eating are thought to be one of the major causes of becoming overweight. You may think that you lack self-control and blame yourself for the inability to prevent yourself from binging and overeating. But in truth there is a way to stop it, but you might not be willing to do it. Thin people don't binge and stress eat. That's because they are not watching their weight or dieting.

This post is not intended for people with a Binge Eating Disorder. PLEASE get PROFESSIONAL help if you have an eating disorder! Here is a hotline to call for help. You must stop, this is a form of suicide.

The Way To Stop Binge Eating

The way to stop binge eating is to eat the food that you overeat. And you have to stop restricting eating those foods entirely.  In fact, you have to stop dieting altogether! 

FEAR of Getting Fat

Many women are an average weight but have a terrible fear of getting fat. (BTW, did you know that the average size in the United States is size 14!!).  That fear of getting fat (or gaining weight) makes them restrict certain foods such as carbs and sugar. They drink only diet soda (which is incredibly unhealthy and actually makes you crave sugar!) It is that diet mindset, the fat phobia that makes puts them on a permanent diet! 

a thin person can overeat on occasion

Thin People Don't Binge Eat

Thin people rarely binge. They may overeat from time to time, but they don't get down on themselves and call themselves horrible names. And their body adjusts very nicely to occasional overeating (as you can see below in the "Setpoint" image).

The reason that thin people don't binge is because there is no food that is “forbidden fruit”. If they are hungry, or desire something sweet or special, they’ll eat it, and not beat themselves up for it! They don't feel guilty afterwards. AND, they stop eating when they’re full!

Diet Mindset

But it’s different for people who are unhappy with their body or their weight. First, they have a mindset of “I shouldn’t”, “I can’t”, “if I eat that I’m undisciplined and _________ “(some other disparaging description of themselves: negative self-talk). But it’s hard to say “no” forever to something that you really want!  

The reason why  is explained in the insightful lyrics of a song from Credence Clearwater Revival: “Give me a drink of water, make it against the law; see how good the water tastes because you can’t have it anymore”.

How do you stop binging forever? You need to transform your mindset!  EAT what you want! But turn off the TV, stop talking, or Texting, pay attention to the taste, and ENJOY what you are eating mindfully! See how long you can actually MAINTAIN your focus on the food, just as in meditation!

Your Body's Sophisticated Metabolism

Your body has very sophisticated feedback systems to keep you at a set weight point. You don't eat the same amount of food every day. That means some days you'll eat less and other days more. But your body adjusts your metabolism. If you read the image below about your weight setpoint you will be AMAZED!!

Metabolism- Metabolic rate set point quote from Health At Every Size, by Linda Bacon

Your Body's Signals to Adjust How Much To Eat

Science has shown that after the first few bites of a food, it will lose the same “intensity” of the extremely  good taste.  Think about that first sip of coffee in the morning. It tastes great. But as you get through the cup of coffee, it doesn't taste the same. That’s your cue from your body. You don’t have to keep eating/drinking this! 

When you ignore those signals from your stomach and your brain is when the problems begin. If you are binging, you are not using food to fill an empty stomach; you are using it to fill an emptiness in your heart; or your thoughts.

Another cue your body gives you is a sense of fullness in your stomach. But again, if you are not paying attention, you will miss the signal and continue eating. That’s another reason to eat mindfully, and pay attention to your body.

woman eating peanut butter on bread mindfully

Mindful Eating is Stress Relieving

Eating mindfully is a great stress reliever. You leave behind all the other things going on in your life, and use this time to focus on nurturing yourself with good food, and relaxation. With observation, you will notice that you are full and are not eating as much, but enjoying it more!

Dieting is unnecessary; in fact, it’s destructive of the sophisticated system that nature has provided you with to make sure you eat the right amount for your immediate needs. THAT is the best diet- one you are not on. It’s trusting, and appreciating your intelligent body that is designed to keep you alive and healthy!

So eat up, enjoy it – Mindfully!

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