stuffing chocolate into your mouth and swallowing so fast you don't even taste it!

Do you stuff & swallow treats so fast that you don’t even taste it?

Binging, and over-eating are thought to be one of the major causes of overweight. In fact, both of these actions are the symptoms of a problem that you are having with problems communicating with your body!

The fact is, thin people rarely binge. That’s because there is no food that is “forbidden fruit”. If they are hungry, or desire something sweet or special, they’ll eat it, and not beat themselves up for it! AND, they stop when they’re full!

But it’s different for people who are unhappy with their body. First, they have a mindset of “I shouldn’t”, “I can’t”, “if I eat that I’m undisciplined and _________ “(some other disparaging description of themselves: negative self-talk). But it’s hard to say “no” forever to something that you really want!  The reason why  is explained in the insightful lyrics of a song from Credence Clearwater Revival: “Give me a drink of water, make it against the law; see how good the water tastes because you can’t have it anymore”.

How do you stop binging forever? You need to transform your mindset!  EAT what you want! But turn off the TV, stop talking, or i.m’ing, pay attention to the taste, and ENJOY what you are eating mindfully! See how long you can actually MAINTAIN your focus on the food, just as in meditation!

Your body has very sophisticated feedback systems to keep you at a set weight point. Science has shown that after the first few bites of a food, it will lose the same “intensity” of extremely good taste. That’s your cue from your body. You don’t have to keep eating this! When you ignored those signals is when the problems begin. If you are binging, you are not using food to fill an empty stomach; you are using it to fill an emptiness in your heart; or your thoughts.

Another cue your body gives you is a sense of fullness in your stomach. But again, if you are not paying attention, you will miss the signal and continue eating. That’s another reason to eat mindfully, and pay attention to your body.

Eating mindfully is a great stress reliever. You leave behind all the other things going on in your life, and use this time to focus on nurturing yourself with good food, and relaxation. With observation, you will notice that you are full and are not eating as much, but enjoying it more!

Dieting is unnecessary; in fact, it’s destructive of the sophisticated system that nature has provided you with to make sure you eat the right amount for your immediate needs. THAT is the best diet- one you are not on. It’s trusting, and appreciating your intelligent body that is designed to keep you alive and healthy!

So eat up, enjoy it – Mindfully!

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