Your Souls Passion

Your True Passion

Passion for SOMETHING is what we are meant to do with our lives. But for little girls, especially growing up when I did, experiencing my passion to play little league baseball and other sports was just not allowed. There were so many other things that girls were not allowed to do. So we never ended up following our soul's passion. 

Helping Others

Sure you probably wanted work where you were "helping people". But if you think about it, every job there is is helping - except being a criminal. Really! Can you think of anything that isn't helping in some way? Even sales jobs, where people think you're pushing something on someone that they don't need should be about solving a need for someone. 

Why Are You Here?

Have you ever really considered what is your true passion? So many women instead just have the passion to look good. Their only concern is about being thin; about having perfect make-up and hair; about their appearance. If you think about it, women have been taught to be eye candy for others. That is definitely NOT your purpose in life! You have skills, talents and things that only YOU can share with your soul's purpose. And when you follow that, food will no longer become your "be all" in life.

Your childhood wish can still be your passion- little angel girl
go to a calm place to discover your life's passion

Limiting Yourself ?

Wow- Just think about those words: "limiting yourself" has a double meaning. It means limiting what you are attempting in your life, and attempting to limit the size of your body!

We are taught as little girls to not strive for the same achievements that boys go for. That we SHOULD be happy with less. Now, don't get me wrong. Having a family and choosing to be a stay at home mother is an acceptable choice. But at a certain time in your life it's time for you to explore the world and live your passion! Make your contribution with your passion. Don't die with your music still inside you!

put on your own oxygen mask first

Put On Your Own Oxygen Mask First

You heard it on the flight. In an emergency, put on your own oxygen mask first and THEN help others. You can't give away what you don't have, so if you are  unable you can't help others! 

Meaning in Life Beyond Appearance

Sure, we all want to look our best. But the majority of us will never be movie star beautiful or perfect. But we can be perfect in being ourselves. Living our passion and finding meaning in our lives outside of the narrow, shallow purpose of looking good will bring happiness and health into your life. It will reduce your stress. Stop limiting your food choices will also stop your binging on the things you are trying to avoid.

Just consider this: if you are lucky enough to live a long life, you will get wrinkles and gravity will have it's way with your body no matter what kind of fitness level you attain. So find something more important that people will remember about you when you're gone. How you made them feel when they interacted with you is the most important attribute. What are you able to give to others instead of focusing on your own YOUniverse?

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