Best Exercise for Weight Management


Exercise for Weight Management

restorative yoga position lying comfortably and relaxing

If you have dieted to lose weight your mind and body has gone through stress. I know, everyone tells you that you need to exercise (sweat) to burn calories. But it’s just another one of those pesky diet industry lies that make you feel like a total failure when all those payments to the gym have not changed your weight.

Dieting Makes You A Victim

Very often you are feeling like you are being punished for something that you did wrong that got you “this way”.  After all, why is it that so many movie stars show how they’ve lost a ton of weight on Jenny Craig or other diet plans. Well, that was THEN – try to see a picture of them NOW! The vast majority of them have regained the weight, JUST LIKE YOU!

If you are dieting, you already feel like a failure because you gained weight in the first place! My best friend Yolanda could eat more than a sumo wrestler while I ate rabbit food. She NEVER gained weight – and she’s still thin. That’s her body type, which she was lucky enough to inherit! And unfortunately, it’s women with the other kind of body type- where you have a rounded shape, who want to lose weight the most, and will have the most impossible time, because you are fighting nature, and damaging your metabolism while trying!

Can’t Change Your Bodydifferent body types of Williams sisters

I’m a BIG tennis fan. I’ll be that most people will know about the famous Williams sisters: Venus and Serena. I am telling you that Serena (the shorter, muscular sister) could diet for the rest of her life, but she will NEVER have Venus’ ectomorphic tall, slender more boy-like body!

Are YOU trying to change something that you cannot change? And are you doing it because society has a preference for a certain body type for women? Well, it’s time you face reality. You cannot please everyone in the world – nor should you try! I’m still hoping that one day, Feminism will be back in style and women will throw out their high heels, low cut tops that sexualize their body for attention. Men don’t do that stuff. And you still find them sexy, correct?

Over-exercising Causes Stress

Do you want to avoid damaging your metabolism? Then don’t over-exercise. Moderate exercise, with time for rest in between exercise is good for you. But exercise won’t make you lose weight. It may tighten up your muscles and change the appearance of your body, but you also can not spot reduce. I was dumb enough to think that different exercises would reduce the shape of my butt. All it did was make my cheekbones more Scientific-American article about exercise and burning calories. Astounding information!pronounced! And having more muscles also burns more calories, but not enough to have you lose a lot of weight!

I recently read an article in Scientific American that absolutely astounded me. I wouldn’t consider this publication a source of biased information. It was carefully researched by a scientist who compared calories burned by Africans chasing a wounded giraffe (it was going to be dinner for their tribe) with Americans who sit on their butts working in front of their computers all day. I had to read it a couple of times to really believe it. Apparently, there is some fail-safe mechanism in our bodies that prevents us from burning too many calories with activity. They describe it as an exercise paradox.

The Africans who ended up running over 20 miles until the wounded animal dropped dead – and then they had to carry it back all that way, only burned about 150 more calories doing all of that activity than office workers in the US. I SWEAR it’s true!

Dieting From Low Self-Esteem

We are ALL different – and that diversity is what is interesting about each one of us! You don’t need to conform to what society’s preference of the decade is. Be yourself: everyone else is taken!

“I have to be on a diet” mindset lowers your self-esteem and contributes to a victim mentality. “Needing” to lose weight puts your mind into a belief system that something is wrong with your body and you!  That negative self-esteem contributes to stress which then sabotages your metabolism! And stress alone can make you GAIN weight!

The Perfect Exercise

I bet you thought I was going to tell you that weight lifting is the best exercise you can do to change our body. If done properly, it will tighten your muscles and can improve your shape. Keep in mind that muscles weigh more than adipose tissue (fat) so it can seem like you’re gaining weight. But muscles use more calories than fat. Bottom line, please don’t weigh yourself. That’s diet mentality. Stop fighting a losing battle.

It turns out that slow yoga, restorative positions and mindful yoga (and mindful eating) are wonderful practices that re-establish a healthy relationship with your body and eating. Many men and women who have been on a chronic diet and have lost touch with their body’s signals of hunger and satiation. You may no longer HAVE an appetite (better check your body temperature to see if your thyroid is damaged from dieting!). And many who try to eat mindfully are still emotional eaters from stress. While mindful eating can help you figure out how much to eat, it’s not going to stop stress eating!  But these slow forms of yoga actually lower your stress levels, not only during class but for hours later. Having a yoga practice affects not just your mind, but your body as well.

Yoga opens you to a different view of your body. It also helps you manage the stress that changes your hormonal release and contributes to making you feel hungrier! And it’s been found that practicing slow restorative yoga results in twice as much weight loss as doing active exercise! (although there’s not a lot of weight loss, it’s still better than aerobics!) You see, the real cause of overweight is STRESS!

For many people, it’s not what you are eating, but what is eating you that is getting you fat. Make sure you get my free report to get the the real facts about how gentle yoga for stress relief is more effective for managing weight, than aerobic exercise!




Eat Less & Exercise More IS A BIG FAT LIE!

Exercise More To Lose Weight – NOT!

Want to Lose Weight, and your doctor tells you: “Eat Less and Exercise More”. Come On! Think logically about it! When you exercise, do you get less hungry? Of course not. Exercise makes you hungry.

The Diet and Medical Industry, used ONE flawed study from about 40 years ago to manipulate the public (actually “gaslighting” them) to say you gained weight because you don’t exercise enough. I don’t know about you, but I see a lot of fat people (myself included) “power walking” at the gym, playing tennis, biking and “exercising more”. Furthermore, nature has arranged it so if you eat less, you body will FORCE YOU to become more lethargic, more tired to conserve calories. Mother Nature doesn’t want you to starve to death- and so your body is programmed to KEEP YOU at a weight set point. And that may not be something you’re happy about (depending on your body type), and it probably is something that you can NOT change!

If you can suspend the brain washing from the Diet Industry long enough you will wake up and remember that when you exercise you get hungry. That should be enough of a reason to question the sanity of any person who tells you to follow this advice to lose weight. It is simply either a blatant lie made by someone who wants to profit from your yo-yo dieting, or someone who is ignorant of the facts.

Even IF you could exercise and keep yourself from eating afterwards with the will power of Hercules, it would take you the equivalent of 22 flights of stairs to burn off the calories in 1 slice of bread!! Is it worth it- The exercise OR the bread??!!  1 pound of fat = 3400 calories. That is fact.  Yes, exercise because you enjoy it, and it feels good, and it strengthens your heart and muscles, and if you don’t too much of it, it can be a stress reliever – but it WON’T make you lose weight!

Eat Less and Exercise More MYTH

Now that “Eat Less” business: If you starve yourself, you will be miserable, cranky, cold (except if you live in Tucson in the summer) AND may only slowly lose weight, but your metabolism will slow down to keep you at a weight set point.  But beware, because the minute you can’t stand it anymore, and start eating “normally” the weight will start coming back, and store itself right back into your fat cells that now won’t give it up again so easily!

This is fact. Calorie restricted dieting causes you to gain back the weight for 95 percent of people who go on a diet! So much of what the diet industry has told us is exactly the opposite: like “eat margarine instead of butter”. Now they admit that margarine is DEADLY garbage you shouldn’t ever eat!  It’s like the Woody Allen movie where he goes into the future and find out that everything we thought was bad for us was good!You actually have to eat enough food, and eat it frequently enough not to slow down your metabolism. So many women chronically diet, eating rabbit food while their thin friends eat the good stuff. And guess who maintains their slender body? WOMEN WHO EAT!

Stop starving yourself and sabotaging your health and end up eventually making yourself GAIN weight. Because after each diet you go on, the weight comes back and brings along with it “insurance pounds” so you don’t starve next time. Break free of the diet-gain weight-diet cycle! Don’t let the diet industry fool you again!

Get my MYTH-busting report, and free yourself from every dieting again!


Fat Shaming

Is Being Fat Going To Kill You?

Fat Shaming is more dangerous to your health than being overweight!
I write answers to people who are suffering the effects of fat shaming. I got so angry when I read the original article and then the responses of fat shaming commenters. UGHHHHHHH! Let me at them!

Answer: Why do some people think they have the right to criticize and shame other people?? It infuriates me even more when their criticism is based on IGNORANCE culled from reading biased and fake science magazine articles paid for by the DIET Industry – which is all too happy to have you feel miserable about your body so you’ll go on another diet- and regain the weight again!! SHAME on anyone who thinks they are better than you, and that THEY can teach you how to be like them!! These people are MEAN AND SHALLOW. (I can’t wait to read their responses to this! And I don’t care, because I don’t respect people who shame other people)

So here are FACTS. Being thin, even 5 pounds underweight is more dangerous than being 75 pounds OVERWEIGHT. This is according to actuary tables from insurance companies that don’t want to lose money. This is according to all FACTUAL information from government studies. But the thing is, the Diet Industry LIES because they make BILLIONS of dollars scaring people into believing that fat is illness. IT IS NOT!

And unfortunately, people who are heavier are treated with so much scorn and derision that it makes their lives a misery and stressful. So they diet- and cause their metabolisms to slow down even more, and actually it CAUSES eventual regaining the weight lost!

Furthermore, there are genetics involved here. Just like you inherit your hair color, you generally inherit body frame from your parents. Other fascinating studies show that twins/triplets separated at birth and raised by different families end up being the same weight as each other in adulthood – despite eating differently, being in different environments, etc. There are MANY reasons that some people are heavier than others- but they mostly revolve around stress.

genetics affect weight obvious in father and son

Perhaps people who blame people for being overweight should instead consider that thin people are predisposed to their weight, just as overweight people are. Being heavy is NOT a personality flaw. Do you call tall people names (other than basketball player) and blame them for needing bigger seats and more space? Why do we do this to heavier people? It is NOT the fault of the person who is heavy. And the diet industry, in large measure is to blame for prescribing a “treatment”- a DIET for being overweight that actually CAUSES the very problem they pretend to be trying to fix.

Bottom line- get fit, because that’s the thing that will make you live the longest, healthiest life- and appreciate the body you have – and ignore ANYONE who tells you otherwise because they are ignorant, mean spirited or have a hidden agenda!

What do you think?


Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

under-the-streetlightThere’s a story about a man who had dropped his keys at night, and was looking for them under the lamp post. A passerby comes by to help, but they still can’t find the keys. Finally the passerby asks him where here dropped the keys- and the man points to a dark place near his car. “WHY are you looking here?” he asks the man. Because I can see in the light.

This is the reason that so many people are dieting and failing – because they’ve been looking in the wrong place and following what everyone knows– that the “ONLY way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more”. 

The only problem with that is: It’s a HOAX. Dieting fails for 95{5b8e831512cf0c284f7edae7fc403e9a09e5b1736c5b1d60e4451a29dc064ebe} of people because it puts your body into stress, and your body will protect you from starving by slowing down your metabolism. And dieting doesn’t stop the conditions that made you gain weight in the first place.

All that hard work and sacrificing what you want to eat at holidays, parties, events….. and it’s useless. In fact, it’s worse than useless because the weight will come back, and bring extra pounds along with it. And then you’ll be back looking for the next miracle solution….

So what is the solution? It’s about stress relief! Find out more…

Make It So Mindset

The Best Exercise To Lose Weight

relax off those pounds by lowering cortisol, the stress hormone

relax off weight by lowering cortisol, the stress hormone

You want to lose weight, and have been told a million times that eating less and exercising more is the only way to do it. And you believe it, because it’s something that “everyone knows”.  The only problem is, it’s NOT TRUE! There is so much evidence, but the Diet Industry wants you as a returning customer, so THEY are not going to share that with you. Make sure you get my free report, so you can read the evidence yourself!

It has long been my belief that the Missing X Factor in weight gain is stress. Doctors tell you to do stress relief, but they don’t explain why this is so important for your weight and health. Chronic stress changes your metabolism which leads to weight gain – especially in the form of belly fat.

Although Diet/Exercise/Medical professionals may tell you to exercise to lose weight, in actuality, exercise does not lead to weight loss. In fact, the type of exercise that many do for this purpose can CAUSE further stress to the body. And what happens when you over-exercise? You get hungry! It’s a natural response from the body attempting to maintain a weight set point.

A recent study actually proves my point. Two types of exercise were compared to see which worked better for weight loss. The first type was Restorative yoga. It is a stress relieving practice where you stay in a restful position, propped with blankets, bolsters, blocks, or whatever is necessary to take any tension from the body.  In fact, it’s almost difficult to describe this as exercise; it’s more a meditative relaxation. In over the course of a year, in contrast to the other exercise, women subjects that did restorative yoga lost twice as much weight – and MAINTAINED the weight loss. In contrast, the other exercise subjects lost weight, but then gained it back.

The study’s author believes that the difference was due to yoga reducing the level of cortisol which rises during times of stress. You see, diet gurus tell you to eat less and exercise more- and all you have to do is relieve your stress; and you will be healthier and may lose a few pounds unintentionally!

If you don’t want to get fooled again by Diet Industry Lies that make you gain weight, make sure to read my #1 Amazon Best Seller. (You don’t need a kindle to read it – download the free app on the same page). Relax, nurture yourself, and enjoy your life-  learn how, in my book..

Make-It-So-Signature Have you be able to maintain weight loss with any exercise that you’ve done?  Please comment below!

Why did I gain back the weight?

diet industry lies that make you gain weight

Do you eat enough to lose weight?

After decades of dieting, I finally learned the truth of why diets fail, people don’t fail! The Diet Industry, run by diet clinics, and overly thin women with their own eating disorders, are trying to make you feel like you a failure: lacking discipline, lazy and somehow psychologically flawed because THEIR diet doesn’t work for you. Well join the crowd of 95{5b8e831512cf0c284f7edae7fc403e9a09e5b1736c5b1d60e4451a29dc064ebe} of people who have gone on every diet plan and still gain the weight back. Stop hating yourself and blaming your body for being NORMAL!  Diets are the problem!

NO- It’s not eat less and exercise more that will get you to be thin. That’s not how your body works, and the Diet Industry sure doesn’t want you to figure that out! But this book will tell you the “skinny”. It will test the level of how the brainwashing has captured your mind, and challenge you to look at the world of dieting in a totally different way.

Once you learn the “ground zero” causation for weight gain, you will finally be able to start recovering from diet addiction, and eating for health. And no, this is NOT a diet plan, a new way to make you lose 40 pounds in a month. Because I won’t lie to you; and want to save you from the torture of deprivation and misery of chronic dieting.

Intentionally cutting your calories and exercising for hours is not the answer. When you learn the truth, you will stop falling for the misleading, and outright Diet Industry lies that keep you on a permanent diet, otherwise called a “lifestyle change”. You might as well lock yourself in prison and throw away the key if you are ready to stop eating the food you love, and constantly running on a treadmill like a trapped rat.

My Kindle book, now available on Amazon (free if you have Amazon Prime for a short time) will change your life. Just read it, and see!



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