Stress Diet

Sad, unhappy woman stress eating chocolate and sweets

Dieting Causes Stress Eating

Dieting is a major cause for stress eating according to a study published in Physiology & Behavior. If you tend to gain weight under stress, you’re probably a “restrained” eater under normal circumstances. That means for women who are constantly watching their weight, getting on the scale, avoiding “bad” or “fattening foods”, under stress the rules go out the window. So if you tend to have a diet mindset or are under stress, you’ll choose foods that you decide are off-limits like high-fat and high-sugar treats.

woman eating food she doesn't like is not mindful eating

Mindful Eating is NOT Enough

Mindful Eating, or intuitive eating is a newer approach to controlling the amount of food you eat by paying attention. But it is still not going to be a solution to out of control binging or emotional eating. And for many women, they secretly are still hoping that this approach will help them lose weight. The best trainers will tell you “this is NOT a diet” or another way to restrict the food you eat, lots of women still believe it may be a way to lose weight. However, when all you see are average weight women teaching this approach, and pictures on the website of size 10 women, you can be misled to believing it helped them – “and maybe it will help me?”

Biggest Losers are Biggest regainers

Did Dieting Make You Temporarily Crazy & Permanently Overweight?

Dieting isn’t fun. In fact, following diet plans, taking diet supplements, exercising your butt off, is a stressful misery! But according to doctors, “eating less and exercising more” is the only way to lose weight. Considering the paucity of research done on obesity, and the lack of success in all diet methods, no wonder 95{5b8e831512cf0c284f7edae7fc403e9a09e5b1736c5b1d60e4451a29dc064ebe} of people who go on a diet regain the weight within a few months to a couple of years.

self-hatred anger at self in mirror

Are you being abused – by YOURSELF??

Many women are in terrible relationships where they are physically, and emotionally abused. But in these cases, it’s a boyfriend, husband, or someone else who is perpetrating this misery upon them. It’s a terrible way to live, and very difficult for many women to break free from their abuser.

woman puts duct tape over her mouth so she won't cheat on her diet. She has stockholm syndrome from being lied to by the Diet Industry

Do You Have Stockholm Syndrome?

I just heard my friend complain to another friend about her “thunder thighs”. “It’s time to go back onto Weight Watchers”, she told her. I shook my head remembering how many times she’s been on WW’s and it didn’t keep her weight off.

skinny woman eats a lot and doesn't gain weight, plus size eats lettuce and can't maintain weight loss

Skinny People Don’t Gain Weight

I write all the time about my skinny friends who can eat more than a sumo wrestler and never gain weight. It’s not the same for me. And this is not very unusual. But rather than researchers investigating what keeps them thin — (those people who won the genetic lottery), they focus on dieting as a solution. It’s NOT.

frustrated, guilty woman who can't stop stress eating

Guilt and Overeating

Guilt is the feeling that so many feel because over overeating on Thanksgiving. It’s a time when most people overeat. One reason this happens is that these foods are only available during THIS time of year! It’s the same reason you overeat when you label foods as “bad” and try not to eat them the rest of the year. The real evidence about whether you are still in a diet mindset is GUILTY feelings.

fear of over-eating during Thanksgiving dinner

Overeating During Holidays

Are you afraid you’ll gain weight from over-eating during Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays? Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s actually centered around eating and eating specific foods! And for most of the meal, the items we eat are those we don’t typically have during the rest of the year. Lots of sweet desserts and even the vegetables are sweetened versions: like sweet potatoes with marshmallows! It’s  a recipe for binging!

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